Why Professional Signage is Important for Your Business

Apr 2 , 2015

Outdoor signage represents your business. Signs can either impress passersby and draw them into your store, or cause them to turn away without giving your business a second look. Professional signage can showcase your company and all that it has to offer, making it one of the best marketing tools that you can have in your belt. Are you using this tool to your advantage?

Signs Say A Lot About Your Business
Professional signage represents your mission, values and goals. Potential customers gain information from your company by looking at how a sign is positioned, by what it says, and the quality of the materials used. If you are walking down a street and see a business with signage that is old and cracked, are you likely to trust in the products that they have to offer? Probably not. Outdoor signage provides the first impression that potential customers have of the products and services that you provide, so make it count.

Signage Can Increase Brand Recognition
When looking for a fast food place to enjoy a meal, what do you look for? How to you determine restaurants from car dealerships or other local businesses? 

When people look for a McDonald’s they look for the golden arches that have made this restaurant so famous. If they are looking to pick up food for a picnic, they may look for the classic white and red image of Colonel Sanders of KFC. Customers visit stores that they know or are brand familiar with, so use outdoor signage to make your store more memorable! 

Indoor Signage
Although outdoor signage is important, don’t discount the power of indoor signage, such as floor decals, hanging signs, banners and even brochures and flyers. These forms of signage provide direction for the customer; showing them where certain products are located, and the services that your business offers. For example, Walmart uses hanging signs to indicate what aisles products are located in. This improves the flow of traffic throughout the entire store, as customers know where they need to go to find what they are looking for. Use indoor signage to your advantage, and make your customer’s shopping experience an enjoyable one.
If you would like to promote your business with professional signage, contact the experts at KKP. We can create posters, banners, decals, and more! Have fun with your brand, and get connected!